With the increased measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 announced by the Government of Saskatchewan this morning, Horizon will be ceasing on-campus academic and student life activities effective Friday, March 20.

We will continue to offer courses for the rest of the year online via Zoom, which thankfully we are well set-up to do. We will also offer opportunities to connect weekly online for chapel and life groups.

We are not completely closing our residence since this is the local “home” many have who are working in the city. However, we will encourage students already planning to return home after graduation to return home by this weekend.

Graduation will be postponed to this fall at a yet-to-be-determined date.

I am aware that there is a spectrum of opinion on how to react to this situation and that our choices here will not please everyone. Our action or inaction might lead us to being accused of lacking faith on one side or being socially inconsiderate on the other.

We have been tying our decisions to the government of Saskatchewan’s directions and had predetermined to follow direction given the K-12 system. With K-12 now winding down by March 20, we are following suit.

We appreciate your prayers as we take these steps. In this, as in all things, we aim to model Christ to a broken world. We encourage our students, staff, and supporters to take the opportunity this pandemic brings to show the courage and compassion of Christ to those who need it in a time of great uncertainty.

God bless you!
Jeromey Martini, President